Monday, November 14, 2011

Kristen's Mud Room

So here is a project I am working on. 
My dear friend Kristen asked for my help with her mudd room. 
It's gorgeous already but when you live in a house, you seem to get tired of the same design. 
My design will incorporate her calendar which is a must to organize her client appointments.
{fyi - if you are looking for an amazing stylist she's your gal}

So here is her before ....

And here are some ideas I have come up with.
Stay tuned for the finished design. 

This is what I am going to do for her calendar wall.....What do you think? 

Remember this

Dosn't this just scream DI or your Grandma's house?
Well I had my first attempt at upholstery.
It wasn't hard but I didn't have the foggiest what I was doing.
I'm not the type to research things on YouTube
to get detailed instructions.
I just wing it. And when I want to do something, there's no stopping me.
I don't say that to sound proud, I truly believe that ANYONE can do ANYTHING if they just try. 
I know a little deep for a upholstery post but I just had to say it.

Entertainment Center to Kitchen Hutch

 We have had this entertainment center since the beginning of time.
Ok almost 10 years. 
And every time we move,  my sweet hubby begs me to leave it behind. 
And now I can say I am so glad I stuck to my guns.
I decided to paint it and give it a face lift if you will. 
It now serves a great purpose for holding on my cake platters, tablecloths, and misc dishes. 
I love it!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mother dear

My sweet mother dear has asked me to help her update her front room.  I quickly thought about it, oh wait I didn't even have to do that, and said YES YES YES I would help. So here is a design board I did with some fresh updated colors and fabrics. 

Design is one of my passions and I love every opportunity I can get to update, rearrange, paint, refresh someones home.  I am actually thinking about starting up a business of consulting. I think my mom is brave enough to step out of her box and into this one. 

What do you think?